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standard-title CATEGORIES




  •    18-39 male/female
  •    40-44 male/female
  •    45-49 male/female
  •    50-54 male/female
  •    55-59 male/female
  •    60-64 male/female
  •    65+ female
  •    65-69 male
  •    70-74 male
  •    75+ male



Individuals can register as members of a team to take part in the GFNY Team Competition.

  • The four fastest times from a team will be added and ranked to determine the fastest team.
  • All team member splits are totaled and ranked.
  • The podium 4-person teams will be awarded prizes.
  • All members of a Cycling Team are eligible for individual age group prizes.
  • There is no maximum amount of members per team.



A female and male rider have to finish within thirty seconds of each other.

  • Because it’s tough to find two riders of the same ability and fitness, pushing, pulling, dragging, encouraging, screaming, shouting and any other means of working together is allowed.
  • The Him+Her team competition consists of two age categories: sub-90 and 90+ years old combined.
  • Members of a Him+Her team are not eligible for individual age group prizes because rider assistance among team members in this category is permitted.



It’s our goal at GFNY MALAYSIA to stage you at the start according to your fitness. That way, you are around the riders that ride at your level from the beginning which improves your experience.

1)The following riders are qualified for a front corral start:

  • Riders who finished in the top 10% of their Age Group at the previous year’s GFNY Championship or any GFNY World event of the following season and are signed up by March 31. If you qualified and registered, you are all set and don’t have to do anything.
  • Riders who are not qualified but have a USAC license (or international equivalent) Men Cat 1-3 (Masters 1-2) and Women Cat 1-2 (Masters 1) and are signed up by March 31. Please send a photocopy of your actual license as well as proof that you have been racing in your category in 2015 or 2016 to info@gfnymy.com no later than March 31.

GFNY reserves the right to limit the front corral to Men Cat 3 and Women Cat. 2 or higher if there are space constraints.

2) Following the front corral, riders will be lined up by age group. Your bib number or bracelet will indicate your start corral. You can always move further back if you want to start with a friend but not further ahead.

All Him and Her teams will be staged in the second corral.